The Marijuana Market Story

  Marijuana Market was the very first medical marijuana collective in California to offer online ordering and home delivery. We started delivering premium cannabis in Hermosa Beach in 1996 and by 2010 we were serving the entire state of California. Today Marijuana Market offers hundreds of products nationwide. Soon, we'll be providing the whole world with California's most premium cannabis and cannabis products. Our mission is to be the largest marijuana market on Earth.

IN STOCK NOW: 420 PCH Chocolate Bars, MariSquares, Suckk Hard Candies and Suckers, MM Brownies & Cookies, Pot Rolls, Ultra Chews, MJ Gummy Bears CBD, CannaHoney, MariButter, MariSyrup, Marijuana Market Caramels, Marijuana Market Drops, CBDY tinctures, MEDSOD capsules and tinctures, CannOil Vape Oil, A1 Oils, Hermosa Farm Caramels, Hermosa Farm Coffee, Teazy Tea, MJBD baking products, CBDerm Skin Care Products and Animacan Pet Products.


    Authentic CannaHoney is only available at Marijuana Market.


    MariOil is available with an Extra Virgin Olive Oil base or an Avocado Oil base.


    This is the original MariButter made with 100% milk cream. Premium, unsalted real butter!

Pot Chocolates

    Products include the original Pot Roll, the 420PCH Chocolate Bar, the potent Ultra Chews and the new MariSquare.

Drops, Sprays & Tinctures

    CBDY, Hermosa Farm and Marijuana Market branded products are in stock now.

Vape Oils & Vape Pens

    Bottles of vape oils, prefilled cartridges and vape pens are in stock now.