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Marijuana Market is the world's first online cannabis store!

Established in 1996 in Hermosa Beach, California, Marijuana Market offers quality cannabis products along with first-class customer service. Marijuana Market is the exclusive distributor of top brands such as MariButter™, CannaHoney™, Pot Roll™, Ultra Chews™, CBDerm™, Teazy™ and more.

MariButter™ is here!

This is the original MariButter™.
Made in the great state of California.

  • Marijuana Drops™ Indica drops: Nature's Nectar, Sour Apple, Sweet Mint, Watermelon
    Sativa drops: Cherry, Coffee French Vanilla, Grape, Honey Buzz
  • Marijuana Lemonade™ The original marijuana drink made from organic lemons and organic marijuana.
  • CBDerm Health & Beauty Products Healing balm, anti-aging cream, soothing lotion, medicating ointment and natural soap.